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The company was founded as a joinery and cabinet-making company in the year 1936 by the master joiner Xaver Dreer.

At this time, the production consisted of the manufacturing of furniture and building materials, i.e. windows, doors and stairways.
The first foundations for series production were laid by the manufacturing of gramophone and coffee grinder housings in larger numbers.

From 1957, the supply to a renowned phono furniture manufacturer with housing elements and front frames led to the further development of this production mode and was decisive in the future development of the company.
In 1964 the company was taken over by his son Franz Dreer, also a master joiner, who continued the expansion of the company.

The arrival of plastic housings in the phono industry, however, let to the sudden loss of this clientele in 1968, which could fortunately be successfully compensated by starting to supply a caravan manufacturer at the same time.

From then on, interior furnishings for vehicles of the camping car sector could be produced on a large scale, leading to the eventual restructuring to a company with only series production.

In the course of the years, the volume of the camping car sector continued to increase and in 1984 the product line could be extended by ready-made and prefabricated furniture for suppliers to laboratories and doctors' consulting rooms.

During this period, a representative of the company continued to directly sell shoe cabinets and cloakroom furniture on a small scale. This distribution channel, however, lost its importance and finally was discontinued.

Finally the dimensions of the plant that had been built at the end of the thirties were no longer sufficient for the capacities that had increased in the meantime.

Moreover, it did not comply any longer with the requirements of efficient production and in 1984 a new building was set up and the company moved to the newly equipped, technologically advanced manufacturing plant which in addition has better transport links.

Following his apprenticeship as a joiner and his university studies in Wood Technology, and his second degree in Business Administration, Bernd Dreer entered the management in 1998 and now is ensuring the continuation of the company in the third generation.

In order to comply with the market requirements, the production of mouldings was taken up in the year 2000.

As a consequence, the product portfolio of the company dreer CNC-Holzbearbeitung extends from flat / bent ready-made parts over prefabricated structural components to flat / bent semi-finished products.

On account of its consistent policy of new investments and re-investments, the company dreer CNC-Holzbearbeitung has up-to-date and modern machinery and a modern internal infrastructure.

It is supported by a well-trained, committed, quality-conscious workforce.
This combination enables us to ensure an efficient, customer and quality-oriented production, which is shown again and again by the excellent evaluations in supplier rankings.

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